About us

                                                                                                       Daryll M. Estep
Hey everyone! My name is Daryll Estep. I am a graduate of George Washington Carver Center for the Arts and Technology in Maryland, where I studied Photography and Digital Fine Arts. I enjoy photography, painting, graphic design and modeling. As an artist, my work is inspired by society, school, friends, and even simple conversations. These experiences are later developed into a visual representation. At an early age, I was enrolled in an advanced level art class in error, which I struggled and wanted to give up. Upon entering high school, I didn’t believe I was good enough to be accepted into the Carver’s Art program, but to my surprise I got accepted and have progressed to love art in many forms. My photos are based on individual associations which open a unique poetic manner. By applying abstraction, I develop ways that do not follow usual criteria but are based only on personal connections by the viewer. My collection “skin series” isolates the movements of humans and objects that highlight its unique beauty. By doing so, new interpretations are created which reveal an inseparable relationship between body image and self-confidence.

The majority of my paintings are multilayered images that come to life with color and usage of open space. In a search for new inspiration, I create intense personal moments masterfully creating, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer to discover something different each time. By taking daily life as subject matter and transforming flaws to fearlessness on canvas, my audience is encouraged to find a new perspective and appreciation for self-identity.
My primary goal as an artist is to allow my audience to interpret the artistry in a way that feels intimate. I love creating work that has deep meaning and displays the strength of self-confidence, the innocence of loneliness, and my viewers should walk away with a piece that feels most connected to their story. I try to increase the dynamic between audience and author by portraying emotions and considering the duality that develops through different interpretations.
Diamondz in the Ruff entrepreneurship program has helped shape my business model. I am attending Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond to continue my studies in art. In the near future, I hope to own my very own art gallery and create a successful clothing line. Plus much more :))