About us

                                                                                                       Daryll M. Estep

Growing up in Baltimore, a city filled with violence and addiction, Daryll Estep was exposed to the struggles that plagued her extended family at the hands of drug addiction. At an early age, her parents taught her the importance of creating a path for herself by utilizing things she was passionate about to prevent getting stuck in the same environment. 

Creativity has always been her spoken language. Through painting, graphic design, and photography, Daryll sparked new conversations on issues she felt needed more attention. Topics such as body image, self-identity, and confidence have always been important to her due to being bullied on being heavier growing up. She knew that she couldn't let that hold her back from helping others and shining a light on issues that bothered her. In 2016 she debuted artwork focused on self- love and body image. 

Daryll wanted to focus on the parts of herself that she once felt insecure about being plus-sized and accentuate those areas within her designs. As a designer it was her mission to celebrate the parts of her society wanted to hate most. Having firsthand experience being a customer in this market, Daryll realized that the fit of a garment is one of the reasons the plus size industry is not satisfying their intended customer. 

Within discovering one's identity there's always a desire to ask that dreaded question: "Who am I?” Until you can properly define the things that make you, life feels unanswered. Having a mind of your own and finding your confidence are virtues beyond belief. Above all else, creativity is the root behind everything. As a person, artist, designer and much more, Daryll strives to find ways to explore her creativity in any given situation and will continue to explore mixing her creativity with her newfound voice.